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Who's afraid of Bill Goat Gruff?

In the Norwegian ferry tale, "Billy Goat Gruff", Gruff, the big billy goat pulverizes the troll into dust. If you've been traumatized by that story, there is no reason to be afraid of our certified organic and Animal Welfare Approved goat meat! Our 100% pasture-raised goats are fork tender and have a great neutral flavor similar to beef. However, goats, unlike beef, do not marble their fat, but more like deer. Their fat provides an insulating layer, making a healthier, leaner meat that is tasty and still high in good omega fats. Goat meat is deemed one of the healthiest red meats you can eat! Maybe that troll was onto something........

We have a very limited number of processed whole goats available, and if you just want to sample a truly delectable treat, we also have a full line of individual goat cuts available for purchase. We also still have organic, AWA lamb available--both whole, or selected cuts. Right now, we are offering free delivery for purchases over $150, within 40 miles of Salem. So act fast while we still have inventory, and take advantage of this great offer!

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