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Our Fields Explode with Color this time of Year!

This has to be the most beautiful time on the farm. Our fields come alive with colors and smells of wildflowers, with the likes of blue camas, shooting stars, saxifrages, monkey flower, sea foam.....and the list goes on as a recent USDA survey identified well over 200 species in our fields, including the endangered Bradshaw's lomatium, one of only two locations in Marion county. Our 100% pastured livestock thrive on the diversity of forage our pastures offer. If you haven't tried our lamb and goat, we are selling some limited quantities now, as a primer for our upcoming reservations for whole or half goat or lamb available in September and November. So be sure to check out our buy online page to try some of our goat and lamb while it lasts. Also see the growing list of produce we offer:

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