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Garlic Scapes Are In!

Yes, tis the time for this seasonal treat! Come get them while they last. Don't know what a garlic scape is? Scapes are the flowering part of hard neck garlic (interestingly, soft neck garlic does not scape--soft neck garlic are the white, paper skin varieties commonly found at the grocery store). Here at Sublime Organics, we grow only heirloom hard neck varieties known for their superior flavor and qualities, large bulbs, and easy-to-peel hard skins. Don't know what to do with garlic scapes? They have a mild garlic flavor and are snappy like a green bean. Chop up raw and toss in salads or stir-fries, coat with olive oil and some salt and grill or broil, or the most popular and my favorite is garlic scape pesto over pasta.

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