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Ellen's Babies

Ellen has two babies on the farm right now. One is Lucky, our bottle-fed lamb. One of triplets, he was rejected by his mom, and Ellen has taken to the task of surrogate mother.

She has been diligent in attending to his multiple daily feedings, starting at 6 AM. But it is not hard getting up, with his very loud and obnoxious high pitch shrills of "NAAAAA, NAAAAA". One of only a mother could love!

The other baby is our tomato plants, which we started from seed way back in January, and have been patiently nurturing them along in our greenhouse. Ellen has just finished getting them all planted in the ground--all five-hundred and eighty-eight of them, of 19 different varieties!

Even though we are starting to see some tomatoes ripen on the vines, we are still far away from full production of our produce, but we do have the following items to offer, as well as many other herbs, fresh canned products, meats, and eggs on our order online page:

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