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It's finally Tomato Planting time at Sublime Organics!

The weather of this cool, wet spring has finally turned enough that we can start planting our prized tomatoes. Ninty plants planted in the high tunnel, about five hundred more plants to go outside. This year we have over 25 organic heirloom varieties from classic reds, big red and yellow slicers, Roma's, and a plethora of exotic cherry and grape varieties. What does it take to grow great tomatoes in Oregon? Besides a lot of love and attention to detail, our fields and high tunnel are kept in a nutrient-providing cover crop all winter long, as well as mulched with animal litter from our livestock. After working this into the soil, we prep each plant with over six different certified organic, natural fertilizers to ensure that our plants have the perfect balance of nutrients and minerals.

What we don't do, is use any synthetic fertilizers like conventional growers that leach nitrates into our groundwater, which has now been shown to cause cancer. We do what's good for our plants, what's good for you by providing the tastiest tomatoes around, and what's good for the environment! Thanks for helping to support our efforts!

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