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And the winner is..........!

Thanks to all that visited us at the Life Source Fall Food Fair this past Saturday! That was a super fun event, and despite all the savings going on in the store, it was great to talk with the many that stopped by to meet the local farmers that supply Life Source with their amazing vegetable selection. I am sure that many are anxiously awaiting the announcement of the winner at correctly guessing the weight of our banana pink jumbo squash. The squash we had with us weighed just 12.3 lbs. We grew many much larger than this, but that is all this baby weighed. We had a clear winner with Sapphire Taylor guessing 12.2 lbs, but unfortunately Sapphire didn't leave us any contact information. So the next closest goes to Carmen Gonzales, guessing 12.5 lbs! So Carmen will get the farm tour.

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